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from 2012, here’s the actual article

All participants received the same materials, which were randomly assigned either the name of a male (n = 63) or a female (n = 64) student; student gender was thus the only variable that differed between conditions.”

assessed: (i) perceived student competence; (ii) salary offers, which reflect the extent to which a student is valued for these competitive positions; and (iii) the extent to which the student was viewed as deserving of faculty mentoring…In each case, the effect of student gender was significant (all P < 0.01), whereas the effect of faculty participant gender and their interaction was not (all P > 0.19).

plain english: female students are discriminated against in science simply for being women… by male AND female faculty.. in every measure assessed.

Now that unconscious sexism among scientists is an empirically demonstrated fact, scientists have no basis for denying its existence.